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Whack Your Boss 17 Ways! (NEW)


Whack Your Boss 17 Ways! (NEW)

Submited 08-27-2009 played 5497 views with 568/704 voted.
Whack Your Boss 17 Ways! (NEW) Tags: 1 Player, Adult, Flash, Fun, Funny, Series,
Can you find all 17 ways to whack your boss?
10 ways to be more productive.

1. Define Your Space.
2. Structure Your Time.
3. Outsource All You Can.
4. Use Technology to Your Advantage.
5. Group Your Errands.
6. Stay Focused.
7. Beware of Yappers.
8. Work With Your Moods.
9. Dress for success.
10. Break for your superiors.

Find all the ways to whack your boss by clicking on the secret items!