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Corpses Of The III Reich


Corpses Of The III Reich

Submited 01-13-2011 played 7893 views with 0/0 voted.
Corpses Of The III Reich Tags: 1 Player, Action, Evade, Fire, Flash, Obstacle, Platforms, Shooting, Traps, Undead, Violence, Zombies,
Amazing horror platform game. Read the instructions before playing. Everything that moves other than vanity is a potencial enemy and if so, they are just an obstacle in your templar quest of destroying evil.Although the evil army is growing in strength, there will still be time to get familiar with all your skills.

Arrow keys left/right - To move.
Arrow keys left/right + Shift key - To run left/right.
Arrow keys left/right + Space bar - Salto jump.
Space bar + Arrow key Up - To grab.
Arrow key Down - To duck.
Arrow keys left/right + down - To duck walk.
Control key - To shoot,sawing,throw flames.
Numbers 1 to 8 - To select weapon.
P - Pause game.