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Canyon Glider Game


Canyon Glider Game

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Canyon Glider Game Tags: Aircraft, Flash, Kids Games, 1 Player, Army,
Can you navigate the canyon and get the best score possible? To get off the top of the canyon... hit the left and right arrow keys as quickly as you can until you get to the edge.
Welcome to Canyon Glider...steer the glider through the desert landscape and land him on the ground target. You start the game by running as fast as you can to make a successful take off when you reach the edge of the cliff. Hit the LEFT and Right arrow keys altemately as quick as you can to make him run – if he`s going fast enough when you reach the edge of the cliff he`ll make a successful take off...if not then he`ll nose dive down to earth. Once in flight use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to swoop and dive - fly through the hoops to collect points (the further away they are the more they are worth), but watch you don`t get too low, hit the rocks and avoid the swooping vultures. At the end of the course there is a target to land on - when he`s near the target get him near the ground and press the space bar to land him...don`t leave it too late as he needs to run and slow down for a successful landing. The nearer the centre of the target he lands the more bonus points are collected.